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Scar Camouflage Services

SMP for scar camouflage is a specialized technique used to conceal the appearance of scars on the

scalp by applying pigmented dots that mimic the look of hair follicles.

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Looking to cover existing scarring?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) for scar camouflage is a specialised technique used to conceal the appearance of scars on the scalp by applying pigmented dots that mimic the look of hair follicles. This procedure is a great option if you have had scars from hair transplant surgeries, accidents, injuries, or other scalp-related procedures. SMP for scar camouflage involves precisely matching the pigment colour to your natural hair colour and strategically placing the pigment dots to blend with the surrounding hair and skin. The result is a skillfully concealed scar that blends seamlessly with your hair, creating a more uniform and natural-looking scalp appearance. SMP for scar camouflage can significantly enhance the confidence of individuals who are self-conscious about visible scars on their scalp, providing them with a more aesthetically pleasing and harmonious look.

Price: $100 per 1" by 1" area - added on to your SMP service 

You can request a free quote by emailing pictures of your hair to


The SMP Process

Consultation: The SMP process begins with a free, no-obligation consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your desired outcome, pigment color, and any specific concerns you may have. Then Sleek SMP will evaluate your scalp condition, skin tone, and hair color to create your customized plan.

Preparation: Before the procedure, your scalp will be cleansed and disinfected. 

Design: Your artist will carefully outline the desired areas to be treated based on your preferences. You will have the opportunity to review and adjust the design before the procedure begins. Your artist may suggest modifying your hairstyle to best suit the SMP treatment. 

Pigment Application: Using a specialized SMP tattoo machine, your artist will meticulously apply the pigments to the scalp in a series of tiny dots. These dots are strategically placed to mimic the density and distribution of real hair follicles. Over each session, your artist will vary the dot size, spacing, and color intensity to create a natural and three-dimensional effect.

Session Duration: The duration of the procedure can vary

depending on the extent of the treatment. A typical session may take several hours, and multiple sessions will be required to achieve the desired density and appearance.

Healing and Aftercare: After the procedure, the scalp may appear slightly red and swollen. This is a normal reaction and typically subsides within a few days. You'll be provided with post procedure and aftercare instructions upon booking your appointment.

Follow-Up Sessions: SMP is generally performed in multiple sessions to build up the desired density and ensure a gradual and natural-looking outcome. Your first follow up session will typically be booked within 7-14 days of your first appointments and any additional sessions will be booked 1 month following. 

Maintenance and Touch-Ups: While SMP is semi-permanent, the pigments will gradually fade over time. Depending on factors such as sun exposure and individual skin characteristics, touch-up sessions may be required every few years to maintain the desired appearance. A complimentary touch up session is included in every SMP service to be used within 12 months of your final SMP service. 


5 Reasons to Choose

1. Highly trained artists: Maya completed her SMP training  under Australia’s number 1 SMP artist Ana James, owner of INKD SMP - one of the leaders of the industry and an internationally recognized SMP Trainer. Maya is also a certified Medical Aesthetician and her knowledge of skin, and health and safety is at the forefront of every treatment. Your best interest and safety is always her top priority.

2.High Quality: At Sleek SMP, we use high quality 5PM Shadow Pigments and needles to create a crisp and realistic effect, making your SMP look almost undetectable. 

3. Transparency: Sleek SMP believes in being fully transparent about every step along the SMP journey. We are happy to answer all of your questions, explain all steps of the procedure and to talk with you about all of your hair loss/restoration options should you not be a suitable candidate for SMP. 

4. Ultra Realistic Results: We build upon each SMP session to create a 3D, layered technique. We will work with your desired look to create the best suitable hairline for your face shape and unique looks. By allowing time to heal and keeping the correct amount of space between each impression, the result is an ultra-realistic shaved look, a denser head of hair or an undetectable scar camouflage. 

5. 12 Month Guarantee: Each SMP Treatment comes with a FREE touch up session to be used anytime within 12 months of your final SMP session. This allows us to make any touch ups, address any pigment variances or address any further hair loss that may have occurred. 

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